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Dongle (hardware key) error codes @ SolidCAM

If you have a SolidCAM dongle (hardware USB key) and you cannot run SolidCAM, you need to retrieve the error code and check the possible solution:

How can I know the dongle error code?

Code Description Solution
-13 SolidCAM license manager is not installed.
-10 You are running SolidCAM using a dongle with remote desktop, which is not supported. You need to replace the dongle with a product key activation, or use a diffrent remote control tool (TeamViewer, LogMeIn,VLC,Etc.).
-3 Your SolidCAM dongle is not connected. (If you are using a network dongle - this error means nethasp.ini file is not configured) Connect your solidCAM dongle to the USB port and wait for it to light up. If you are using a network dongle, see:
0 License error - your SolidCAM license is invalid. Contact your local reseller and supply him your dongle # or product key.
15 The license server defined in the nethasp.ini file cannot be found, or the license manager is not installed on the server.
19 Syntax error in the nethasp.ini file Delete your nethasp.ini file, and reconfigure it with these instructions:
100 SolidCAM license manager is not installed.
129 The SolidCAM dongle is not connected to the licensing server.
133 Network dongle - all licenses are currently taken by other users. Ask your on of your colleagues to close SolidCAM, or purchase additional licenses. To see who is using the software, you can use Aladdin monitor:

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