SolidCAM - Licensing

SolidCAM 30 day trial - CAM part automation

When using SolidCAM in "Trial" (Evaluation) mode, the software provides more automatic CAM part definition.

The differences from a regular license are listed below:

*Note - Installation package is the same, mode is determined by the license on the computer.

Feature Regular license 30-day trial license
Machine (CNC Controller) selection Input by user Automatic - default machine is selected
Home defnition (Coordinate system) Input by user Automatic - MAC 1 Position 1
CAM Part name Input by user Automatic - same as CAD model name
CAM Part directory Input by user Automatic - CAM parts user directory
Internal (SLDPRT / SLDASM) or External (PRT/PRZ) part (SolidWorks only) Input by user Automatic - Internal part
Units (Metric or Inch) Input by user Automatic - same like CAD model (Internal part mode) , or Install selection (External part mode)
iMachining succsess stories Can be hidden Always displayed

*Note - Default settings for each feature can be changed in settings.