SolidCAM - Licensing

Installing a SolidCAM network USB dongle

NOTE! These instructions are for a network USB dongle Click here for instructions when using a network product key WITHOUT a USB dongle

To install a SolidCAM network dongle, go through the following steps:

CONFIGURE THE SERVER. (Where the dongle is connected)

  1. Download the "Sentinel license manager" from

  2. Extract the files and run run_this_file.bat

  3. Connect the dongle to the server, and check to see that the USB light is turned on. If no light is turned on, try moving the dongle to a diffrent USB port.

  4. Download the "HASP license manager" from

  5. Extract the files and run lmsetup.exe

  6. Install as a “Service”.

    Note! When installing as application, you need to make sure that you put it in the “Startup folder” (So it will run automatically after a restart)

CONFIGURE THE CLIENTS. (Computers that will run SolidCAM)

  1. Open SolidCAM util directory (Example : C:\Program Files\SolidCAM2014\Util OR C:\Program Files\InventorCAM2014\Util)

  2. Find the file “NethaspTCPIP” and rename it to “Nethasp”

  3. Move the file to the main SolidCAM directory (Example : C:\Program Files\SolidCAM2014\SolidCAM OR C:\Program Files\InventorCAM2014\SolidCAM)

  4. Open the file, and find the parameter NH_SERVER_ADDR

  5. Write the IP of the server. (Example: NH_SERVER_ADDR =

Not working? Click here for troubleshooting