SolidCAM - Licensing

Troubleshooting SolidCAM dongle(hardware key) update problems

Error Message Solution
HASP not found (-3) Make sure the SolidCAM hardware key is connected. SolidCAM hardware keys come in two types: USB and Lpt. When using a USB you need to make sure that the USB light is on. In case it is not, try to move the dongle to a diffrent usb post.
Detected tampering. Means you are trying to update the wrong dongle number. Check the sticker on the dongle to make sure you are updating the correct dongle. Also make sure that only one dongle is connected to the computer.
Cannot open HASP driver. Means there is a driver problem. Click here for instructions on how to install an HASP driver
Unknown Error. Means you are trying to update the dongle via remote desktop. This is not supported. If you need to update the key, you need to use TeamViewer/Anydesk or update the key on the computer directly.